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Best Way To Clean Glass Windows Naturally

Cleaning the glass window from the dust should be done regularly, at least once a week. The goal is that the dust which sticks on the glass does not cause spots on the glass surface. Dust stick on glass window for too long often turns into a mold. If it is happen, it is very difficult to remove the stain.

Here we provide the best way to clean glass windows naturally as follows:

1. Soak 1-2 ounces of low-quality tobacco for 15 minutes

2. Take a cloth and dip it in tobacco soaking water

3. Use a cloth to wipe the dirty glass

4. Let the tobacco water remains attached for some time in the glass surface

5. Wipe the surface of the glass and clean the remnants of tobacco water with a dry cloth.

The results is the glass window is not easily overcome by dust and dirt anymore.

If there is no cloth, old newspapers can also be used as a tool to wipe the glass

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